The Internet of Things connects the physical world to the Internet so that you can use data from devices to increase productivity and efficiency. Connecting things to the Internet is possible because different connectivity options are widely available, the cost of connecting is declining, and more devices are capturing data. All kinds of things are being used in IoT applications including consumer products such as refrigerators, security cameras, and cable set-top boxes; industrial systems such as conveyor belts and manufacturing equipment; and commercial devices such as traffic signals and smart meters. Any device that can be powered on could be part of an IoT application.

From homes and industries to enterprises, Internet of Things have become commonplace in all walks of life. Connecting everything and everyone, IoT is making the world smarter and better than ever before. However, this is just the beginning. Unlocking the full potential of Internet of Things requires that businesses understand the opportunities for value creation and systematically address the underlying challenges.

 All IoT communication must be secured using preventive security mechanisms and best practices, like device identity management, encryption, and access control as well as device auditing and monitoring. Although connected things, the Internet, and secure connectivity are required to create IoT applications, the value is in closing the gap between the physical and digital world in self-reinforcing and self-improving systems.



PASFEX IOT Projects / services enable organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform, we provide comprehensive IoT services to our clients. We empower organizations to:

  • Connect and scale with efficiency.

  • Analyze and Act on new data.

  • Integrate and transform business processes.

  • Improve decision making with augmented intelligence.

  • Design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage end to end IoT processes.

  • Seamlessly integrate IoT solutions with existing enterprise architecture.

PASFEX, with a vast IT experience on wide range of technologies and verticals has gained a comprehensive understanding how different medium like mobile phone can manipulate multiple devices.
With our technology focused but business centric approach we can help your Enterprise:

  • Target unusual business opportunities

  • Achieve Enhanced efficiency in operations

  • Build an ability to reach more targeted users

  • Find simple solutions for complex processes


Our end-to-end IoT solutions empower smart industries, smart living and smart enterprises and deliver connected experiences by connecting assets, operations/logistics, and services. While we have expertise across all stages of IoT adoption to provide you with a seamless single vendor experience to maximize efficiencies, we focus predominantly on the segments mentioned below:

Smart Industries

Manufacturing, Energy, Utilities. Re-imagine processes to unlock the true potential of your industry while facilitating sustainable development.

Smart Living

Wearables, Healthcare, Security. Enhance the quality of life by embracing emerging technologies designed to foster healthier, happier and safe environment.

Smart Enterprises

Smart homes/ Buildings/ Offices, Retail. Connect people, machines and information using Big Data to enhance business efficiency in a secured ecosystem.


Enabling IoT Adoption across All Stages

Proof of Concept

  • Bring in connectivity to already deployed devices

  • Quick prototyping with the cloud based IoT platform

  • Demonstrate possible business value


  • Creation of next generation connected devices

  • Identify the right partner for IoT platform

  • Combine data with existing enterprise systems

  • Create business applications


  • On-board groups and users

  • On-board devices

  • Create operations center

  • Monitor and manage devices and business

"The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks".


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4th floor, 4A, OPAL ARCADE, (Near Kammanahalli), Subbaianna palya, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi,

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