Organizations should avoid re-inventing the wheel. With a large number of readily available and proven technology products on the market, organizations can receive a jump-start by leveraging existing packaged applications. Often, however, it can be difficult to ensure that the promise of a faster, more predictable implementation becomes a reality. To harness the capabilities of existing packages, organizations need an objective partner who has both first-hand experience with the products and first-hand understanding of the business needs. This partner can then provide assessments, recommendations, and customization to ensure that the packaged application delivers its potential benefit.

The challenge for most corporations is to select, implement or integrate a packaged software solution, guaranteeing the fastest ‘time to market’.

There is a clear benefit to leveraging the power of packaged software solutions. They generally incorporate best practices and are tested and proven solutions. And it is a lot faster and cost effective than building your own application. We help our customers determine if they should build a custom application or buy a packaged solution. And then we get the job done.


Our packaged application implementation framework maximizes the value of whatever software package and vendor you select for implementation. By modeling system and process changes, critical business decisions can be reviewed and finalized well in advance of system configuration. By modeling change as early as possible in the project, you get broader and better buy-in from impacted users, more control over budgets and timelines, and greater efficiencies from system experts provided by your packaged application vendor.


The professionals at PASFEX bring extensive packaged software implementation experience and a practical hands-on approach to help you implement change. Our deep functional knowledge, proven methodologies and experience working with software providers enable us to help you realize your project's benefits..


Our approach goes beyond the technology; we make sure the path followed is the one that will lead to corporate objectives such as customer retention and satisfaction, productivity, and profits. The benefits of PASFEX's approach include:


Vendor neutrality: With a full understanding of your business drivers, objectives, and requirements, we deliver an objective recommendation as to which software and tools will achieve your goals. As an independent third party, our solution is guaranteed to be free of bias; PASFEX receives no financial incentive from the sale of software products of our vendors.

Package implementation practice: PAFEX leverages the knowledge gained on past implementations on your project. We know the limitations of the software, and the capabilities. Plus, the consultants on your project team are knowledgeable about your environments, well experienced in other applications.

Swiftness and Scalability: Our proven delivery model ensures seamless project management  and delivery. PASFEX possesses the reserve of the right skill sets for your implementation and integration project.

When your needs closely align with the functionality of existing products, we work with your organization to implement the best-of-breed packaged applications. We provide packaged application services that will provide an impartial expert to assist in the research, identification, selection, customization, and deployment of an off-the-shelf product. The defining characteristics of our packaged application services are its:


Deep knowledge of existing products


Well-tested approach for selection and implementation


Objective viewpoint for making recommendations


Capabilities for package customization


Expertise in integration with existing systems


Our packaged applications footprint covers the full spectrum of your enterprise needs. Our services around packaged applications include:


IT Roadmap Consulting


Business Process Reengineering services


Package selection


Data model designing allowing comprehensive view of the required data


Package implementation and global roll outs




Version upgrades


Sustenance Services such as enhancements, maintenance and production support

"It's important to have a sound idea, but the really important thing is the implementation".


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4th floor, 4A, OPAL ARCADE, (Near Kammanahalli), Subbaianna palya, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi,

Bangalore - 560043,Karnataka

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